Acht häufige Fehler beim Schreiben fürs Web

Wie man die acht häufigsten Fehler beim Schreiben fürs Web vermeiden kann, hat Paul Bradshaw in einem einglischsprachigen Blogeintrag zusammengefasst. Als Checkliste empfiehlt er: "Are you doing the following?

  1. Getting straight to the most newsworthy, interesting piece of information in your first par? 
  2. Linking to your source whenever you refer to a piece of information/fact? 
  3. Linking phrases (e.g. “a report”) NOT putting in full URLs (e.g. “http://university.ac.uk/report”? 
  4. Indenting quotes by using the blockquote option? 
  5. Using brief pars – starting a new one for each new point? 
  6. Using a literal headline that makes sense in search results and includes key words that people might be looking for, NOT general or punny headlines?
  7. Splitting up your article with subheadings? 
  8. Ending your post with a call to action and/or indication of what information is missing or what will happen next?" 
Wer die Auflösung wissen möchte, findet den Blogeintrag von Paul Bradshaw hier.

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